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Whenever there is a discussion about search engine optimization you can bet everyone in the audience either sits up taking notes, or their eyes begin to glaze over. That’s because a person is either familiar with SEO and wants to be updated on the latest news, or a person has no idea what it is and wants to learn. Every business wants their site to have more traffic and to be fully optimized for search engines. But how do you really get there? Here are three important clues.

Get the best keywords

Keywords are the descriptors that tell Google exactly what your site is about. They are the keys on your map that show the world where your site is located. So without the right keywords, the search terms that people use to look something up, your website will be lost. Finding the best keywords for your site takes work, so be sure and hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Get linked

The number of links from another site to your site tell Google something very important. It tells Google the amount of authority your site has to others. If they are quoting your site and linking to it to tell others what a great site you have or simply referring to it in an article, you have authority. Google loves sites with authority because it makes their search engine look smart. Get those links!

Analyze your data

You may have a great site, but if you don't know where your visitors come from and why, you can't make it even better. This is why tools like Google Analytics can be so handy. Knowing whether people come to your site through a search engine, from a social media site, or a link on another site can tell you a lot about how to reach more people.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making decisions about marketing your site through good SEO and other marketing campaigns. Read, study, and learn, because there are plenty of great tools and books that can help you get your website on the map.

For those who want to hire someone to implement and manage a marketing campaign, you can find help from large California Internet marketing companies to a small local utah seo company, or even an independent marketing freelancer to assist you. It's important to check their experience and success rate before hiring one.

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